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Saturdays at 08.00. Morning Meditation: Osho Dynamic Meditation

Wednesdays at 20.00. Evening Meditation: Osho Kundalini Meditation

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  • From Tuesday 22nd of October to Monday 28th of October 2019.
  • Each day from 19.00 to 21.00

For one week, two hours per day, we throw away all the noise of our conditioned mind, in order to reach to our core, to the center of our existence, in deep silence and peace.

The meditation consists of two stages:

In the first stage, by speaking gibberish, we express everything we have held back due to social, familial, or cultural taboos. We express ourselves using nonsensical sounds, with our total energy, holding nothing back. We empty our mind from unnecessary residue.

In the second stage, we simply sit in meditation, watching. Having ‘cleared out’ part of our conditioned mind, we create space for meditation. In this stage we dive deeper, and deeper, into the center of our being. Into silence.

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WOMEN’S CIRCLE (together with Nicky Tarla)

  • Next event date TBA soon

The women’s circle is a sacred gathering where we join in meditation to blossom together, empower ourselves, support each other and create intimacy. The aim of these monthly women groups is to celebrate our Womanhood in an environment of trust and sisterhood.

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If you wish to attend the groups, workshops or meditation(s) please contact us beforehand at:


Maria: 00 30 – 697 576 6578

Leela (for English): 00 30 – 694 099 3222